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le roux coaching

Adrian Le Roux is a qualified Sport Scientist and accredited TrainingPeaks coach. Adrian has been coaching professional teams and athletes for over 25 years.

Adrian has a passion for endurance sports. This includes running, cycling, triathlon and ultra endurance events and he has consistently participated in multiple events over many decades. As a coach Adrian loves helping people to improve in their own individual performance and reach true potential.


Each of our monthly packages comes equipped with an Annual Training Plan. This serves as your long-term roadmap for the year or season, encompassing all your upcoming races and the strategic priorities we agree upon for each. It’s more than just a calendar of events – it’s a tailored improvement plan that identifies key areas of focus for the year. This might entail working on your speed, honing hill ascending capabilities, developing technical trail skills, refining your running form, and much more.

Mountain Abandon

Mountain Abandon was born from two beings’ love for all things mountain & movement. Whenever possible they would escape their rat-raced lives to spend weekends traversing ridge lines and valleys on foot. Whether running or hiking, following a trail, or navigating by compass and map, they were in their element in the mountain wilderness. They delighted in the fascinating array of life at altitude, especially wild flowers, and after each excursion they longed for more.