When : Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Salomon SkyRun and SkyRun Lite are now open for entries. These Epic events on the trail calendar are the pinnacle ofthe year and a must for all you hard core ultra runners.



Dear Skyrunners

2- 4th November 2012

The Salomon Skyrun welcomes you to the 2012 event.

This event, utilizing the perfect Extreme Adventure Playground of the North Eastern Cape (our own Alpine Region), provides the perfect wilderness environment for the running of a true mountain run. Running along the ridge line of the Witteberg/ Drakensberg ranges the route boasts an average altitude of 2500m. With panoramic views and tough terrain runners will dig deep inside their being and will find their souls. The mantra associated with this event is BODY STAMINA / SOUL NAVIGATION / SPIRITUAL SURVIVAL. This event will be presented for the 15th time this year.


In addition to the FULL SKYRUN (APPROXIMATLEY 100KM DEPENDING ON ROUTE CHOICE) we have included a shorter – BUT BY NO MEANS A WALK IN THE PARK- event called the SKYRUN LITE (APPROXIMATLEY 65KM depending on route choice) that will finish at Balloch.

SKYRUNNERS doing their first Salomon Skyrun are recommended to first tackle the Skyrun Lite. Runners not having done this event before and wanting to enter the full distance must comply with the qualifying criteria set out below or contact the organisers at saffyav@icon.co.za so that we can assess your ability.


a)    Athletes have previously taken part in the event;
b)     Athletes have completed one of the following events:
–    Skyrun Lite;
–    Garmin Wartrail;
–    Otter trail run;
–    Kalahari Extreme Marathon;
–    Lesotho or Transkei Wildrun;
–    Mweni Marathon;
–    Any multi day off road running or adventure racing event;
c)    Athletes that after discussion with race organization; who’s decision is final; can convince them that they have the ability to self navigate the high altitude route in various weather conditions and at night.

1.    VENUE
The event will start in the quaint town of Lady Grey and traverse the Herchel / Lesotho border fence on the skyline to the finish at Wartrail Country Club via Halston Peak or an alternative finish (at the discretion of Race Organization). On route Skyrunners will drop down into the Balloch Valley (end of Skyrun Lite Day 1) where they will continuing on through the night (cut-offs apply) to the finish of the full course.

– Race registration will commence from 16h00 on Friday the 2nd November 2012 at the Country View Inn, Lady Grey.
– The compulsory race briefing will commence at 19h00 on the 2nd November 2012 venue to be confirmed.
– Race will start at 04h00 on Saturday the 3rd  November 2012 in front of the Mountain View Country Inn, Lady Grey.
– Prize giving finish venue Wartrail Country Club on Sunday the 4th November 2012 at 13h00)

With a 04h00 am start the runners leave the sleepy town of Lady Gray (1670m) with only their headlamps guiding them up the  indistinct hiking trail to the Microwave tower (CP1 2360m) an altitude gain of 800m within a 7km distance. The route then traverses the ridgeline to CP2 Olympus , CP 3 Snowden, CP4 Avoca, CP 5 Skiddaw before a quad annihilating tricky decent into the Balloch Valley and the Balloch caves (CP 6)the end of the road for the day 1 runners and just over half way for the full course competitors.
This first section of the run is extremely remote and runners will experience 360 degrees of panoramic views with almost no man made buildings or structures in sight. The Dragon’s Back a rocky ridge section between CP 4 Avoca and CP 5 Skiddaw will be one of the most awesome exposed ridgelines that runners entering this event will ever get to experience.
After the Balloch caves runners immediately get to challenge the Balloch Wall a steep grassy ascent and tricky steep descent. The route then descends towards the farms below and a short farm road section leads runners to CP7 Edgehill.
Leaving Edgehill runners then continue on a farm road to the base of the escarpment that will eventually take them to the finish. To get on top of the escarpment a tricky section awaits the tired athletes who have to find the Bridal Pass a steep ascent on switch back trails to the top of the escarpment. Once on top the route is undulating via CP8 The Turn and back towards the Wartrail district via Halstons peak and then onto the finish at the Wartrail country club.
All CP’s (CHECK POINTS) will be manned and Skyrunners must pass these and report in to the Marshals.
Race Organization reserves the right to amend the route.

4.    COMPULSORY EQUIPMENT and Important facts:
The following items will be compulsoryfor all participants:
4.1    All-terrain footwear,
4.2    a backpack capable of carrying 3 litres of fluid with fluid containers (3 to 4 litre capacity),
4.3    high energy food for the duration of the race,
4.4    a hat and sun block,
4.5    Cold & Wet weather gear: rain jacket,(waterproof)
Thermal long sleeve top and tights,
beanie or buff
4.6    whistle,
4.7    Compass,
4.8    Space Blanket,
4.9    Cell Phone charged,
4.10    Headlight and spare batteries;
4.11    emergency first aid kit with any special medication required.

A 1: 50 000 map of the area, indicating the route, will be provided to all participants and must also be taken along.

Garmin GPS units with route loaded are available to loan on 1st come 1st serve basis. Indicate this with your entry.

Important Facts:
–    The route is unmarked;
–    Skyrunners must be versed in map reading and basic navigation;
–    potential Skyrunners will be approved by the organisers;
–    Skyrunners are to arrange for own transport to the start and from the finish.
–    The Organisers reserve the right to amend any arrangements or cancel /postpone the event in case of extreme     weather or other dangerous conditions;
–    All marshals will withdraw from the route at 12h30 on the 4th November  2012 when the event officially ends.

There are different types of basic accommodation available to Skyrunners and their companions.
For all accommodation, please arrange directly with the relevant institutions listed below.

Mountain View Country Inn
051 – 6030421

Sterley House

Comfrey Cottage
George or Gerda
Mulberry House
Baggers & Packers
John Bradish after 5pm

Lady Grey Country Club (camping only)
Mark Stanley

Balloch (halfway point)
Margy Frost

Millard Mountain Cottage
Dawn Green

Pitlochrie Cottage
Joe Sephton

Reedsdell Guest Farm
Kath & Chris Isted

Edge Hill
Donna Green
10 beds
Or go to www.wartrail.co.za

Three meals will be supplied during the weekend to all participants and their companions who have purchased extra meal vouchers.  On Friday night, you can enjoy a nice pasta meal during the registration and briefing session.  On Saturday night a delicious stew will be supplied at Balloch or Wartrail Country club. After completion of the full event Skyrunners will be supplied a meal at the finish venue. The cost of these meals are included in the entry fee. For non participants wishing to make use of the meal offer an additional fee as per the entry form must be paid. The rest of the weekend will be self  catering.

Per attachment you will find the ENTRY FORM for the event.  The completed form must be e-mailed/faxed/mailed to reach the organisers not later than 7 th October 2012.  The entry fee includes: three  meals as above; event memorial shirt; medal.  Payment by direct deposit will be preferred.  And remember: only 175 entries can be accepted 75 athletes for the Full event and 100 athletes for the shorter event. This will be on a first come first serve basis with full payment securing entry.
We hope to receive your entry form in due time, and please be so kind as to pass this information on to other people who may also be interested in the event.