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FOOD & Water

SkyRun is a self-supported event, meaning that all athletes are required to carry their own supplies for the duration of the race. SkyRun 100 & SkyRun 65 allow for seconding at CP 6 – Balloch, and a cooked stew will be provided from 16:00 on race day at the Balloch Caves (SkyRun 100 only). On the route, water can be reliably found near the following locations:
– CP 3 – Snowden (30.3 km) spring after CP
– CP 5 – Skidaw (47.8 km) river after CP
– CP 7 – Edgehill (66.7km) river crossing after CP


Balloch is the only point were seconding is allowed, and family and friends can actually see the athletes. Balloch is very secluded and has no communication at all…. NB! NO CELL PHONES WORK AT BALLOCH OR FINISH AREA! We will provide a shuttle service in and out of the Balloch farm for seconds. No vehicles will be allowed beyond the Balloch farm entrance.


SkyRun provides a free bag drop service for SkyRun 100 & SkyRun 65 participants. Two bag drop trailers will stand at the start line in Lady Grey, one going to CP 6 – Balloch, and the other going to the Finish – Wartrail Country Club. This service opens at 3:30AM on race morning. All bags must be clearly marked with the participant’s name and race number on them. All bags are laid out at the respective two locations, and will be available as soon as you arrive at CP 6 – Balloch, and or the Finish – Wartrail Country Club.


SkyRun is organised by Pure Adventures. The participants of this event have to know and accept the current regulations and agree to adhere to, without reservation, the ethical charter which covers the entirety of the event, namely equity, respect for other people and the environment, mutual aid and solidarity. These are the fundamental principles directing the organisation.


1. Ensure that your race bib and number are clearly visible.
2. Present yourself physically to the CP Marshall and ensure that your race number and time are recorded. Failing to present yourself physically to the CP Marshall may result in disqualification.

– Do not shout out your race number from a distance and pass the CP.
– Do not leave the route without consent from Race HQ. (participants deemed lost erroneously due to not following the race protocol will be held liable for any costs involved in the search and rescue operation to find them)


1. Race number

2. Goodie bag with event info and giveaways

3. Event garment

4. A descriptive race guide of the itinerary

5. A file of tracks and waypoints to download onto personal GPS devices

6. Meals and/or snacks for SkyRun 100 at the following CP’s: CP 6 – Balloch from 16:00; CP 7 – Edgehill; CP 8 – The Turn; and the Finish – Wartrail Country Club

7. Medics on route: CP 3 – Snowden; CP 4 – Avoca; CP 7 – Edgehill; CP 8 – The Turn; and Finish – Wartrail Country Club

8. SkyRun 100: COMPULSORY Medical check at CP 6 – Balloch (determines status to continue at the sole discretion of the race doctor)

9. Event finishers medal for all distance finishers

10. SkyRun 100 & SkyRun 65 finishers get a finishers garment