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K-Way SkyRun


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19th November 2022








The SkyRun 100 is unlike any other challenge on the South African racing calendar. Participants are required to be self-sufficient with regards to both navigation and gear all whilst tackling the remote terrain of the Witteberg Mountain range.

Armed only with a Map & Compass or GPS unit and a back-pack containing all their food, water and compulsory equipment that will enable them to survive in this harsh environment our athletes head forth into the unknown for 100km of life-changing racing.

The SkyRun 65 is a serious challenge for any aspiring ultradistance trail runner, with the added complexity of being a self-supported, self-navigational race. The participants enjoy the challenges of the SkyRun with regards to rugged terrain, breath-taking views and serious climbs without the pressure of a daunting 100km to complete. The SkyRun 65 is an experience that should not be missed, with a warm welcome waiting at the finish and a lifetime of memories to look back on.
On its own, the The SkyRun 38km is a great run which will push athletes whilst allowing them to enjoy the thrills of mountain running in one of the most beautiful mountain playgrounds South Africa has to offer. In addition it is a great stepping stone to something bigger, something like the Skyrun-65 or SkyRun 100

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